Rhea’s series Wildflowers is inspired by the act of re-wilding in nature and in our lives, an ode to regenerative practices and going back to the soil. Moving away from the commercialisation of beauty the subjects in these artworks grow free and wild in her neighbourhood. Goa, where she lives, has been affected dually by the ongoing climate crisis and severe deforestation due to draconian government policy and rapid private construction. This series celebrates the natural ecology of Goa by shining light on these native flowers photographed over a span of months, one artwork at a time, to be respectful of their growth cycles and short lives.

Holding our attention to observe and notice the beauty of these naturally growing flowers on the sidewalks is an act of meaningful nothingness in a world which constantly asks us to ‘do’ and deprives us of time for beauty and poetry. To her it is an act of resistance in the attention economy. Wildflowers bloom against all odds in unexpected places, thriving in a community, sharing themselves and adding wonder to mundane spaces. She feels we have much to learn from them.


A LINE IN THE SAND: An artistic response in support of humanitarian efforts in Gaza with BLEUR, 100% proceeds from auction donated to Gaza Sunbirds providing frontline initiative on the ground.