I am a multidisciplinary artist, poet, photographer, creative director, writer and consultant based in Goa, India.

I grew up in a utopian version of Mumbai surrounded by greenery, birds and many a dogs. Since a young age my world has been writing poetry, dreaming up fantastical universes, analysing stories and characters of every anime I watched and cried with. I began expressing with words on paper as a child, daydreaming fantastical worlds through poetry and prose, with 2D and 3D computer softwares as a teenager, pursuing my ongoing dream of becoming a storyteller, followed by the photographic medium, digital art, graphic design, painting and experimenting with moving images as an adult, discovering more of myself through these mediums. I enjoy the process of creation and the experience of learning new skills. My work combines aesthetic exploration with communicating and investigating emotions, thoughts and social narratives. I am intrigued by colour, mixing and combining it in unexpected ways. I am inspired by fluid forms appearing in nature and I see beauty in all that is transient and mundane. I like to create from waste, with minimal resources and in ways which causes minimum negative impact to our planet. My art practice follows a disciplined structure with daily routines which benefit my mental health. My art and writing practice is rooted in love for the earth, self care, growth, community, and the importance of pause and reframing as a form of resistance in the attention economy. Annie Dillard wrote, how we spend our days is how we spend our life. This deeply resonates with me, in the way I live and in everything I create.


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INDERNET group short film premier by Masala Movement in Cologne, Germany
june 2021
FACADE group exhibition by The Holy Art, London, UK
april 2021
TELEPHONE online group interactive exhibition by Telephone Community
april 2021
THE DREAMER group exhibition by Loosen Art in Rome, Italy
march 2021
LOCUS VI online group exhibition by Locus Gallery in Chicago, USA
february 2021
INDERNET online group exhibition by Masala Movement based in Cologne, Germany
june 2020
SHELTER DOMESTICS online group exhibition by Gallery Lane Cove in Sydney, Australia
june 2020
CAN YOU HEAR ME online group exhibition by Markaj Art based in Ankara, Turkey
may 2020
ABOUT FUTURE group exhibition by Loosen Art in Rome, Italy
december 2019
PEACHES series showcased in a group exhibition at Siilk Gallery in Athens, Greece
october 2019
INTERIORS group exhibition by Photographic Exploration Project in Berlin, Germany
august 2019
CONCEPT group exhibition by the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art in Gimpo, South Korea
june 2019
INDERNET group exhibition by Masala Movement in Cologne, Germany
june, 2019
SKINNED series showcased in a group exhibition at Lakme Fashion Week x Floating Canvas Company in Mumbai, India
january 2019
STILL “LIFE” group exhibition by Mars Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel
august, 2018
INDERNET group exhibition by Masala Movement in Cologne, Germany
june, 2018
MM MUSE solo exhibition commissioned & hosted by Mountain & Moon in Perth, Australia
april, 2018
GENDER IDENTITY group exhibition in Mumbai, India
february, 2018

My story and journey as a visual artist is a chapter in the book Wonder Girls by Varsha Adusumilli published in August 2018 alongside that of 14 Indian women achievers. I was featured in Grazia India’s “6 fashion innovators to break the rules and rewrite them” list in their September 2018 issue.I was one of 40 female photographers invited by United Nations Population Fund to participate in their International Women’s Day Project in 2017. I was featured on Cosmopolitan India magazine’s “20 women achievers in their 20’s” list in the November 2016 issue.


THE IKKIVI PODCAST december 2021to keep ourselves accountable in a healthy way, stop chasing productivity, have free flowing routines, find creative ways to solve our problems and build systems that are useful and self caring.
TEDx TIET december 2020 — panel discussion on the general notions of hard work and success where we discussed privilege, building a conscious art practice and being a mindful creative.
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THE CALLING june 2020on starting her journey as a photographer and her creative process
CAKE PODCAST may 2020on keeping creativity alive in lockdown, how to be inspired and tips on starting your photography journey


2021 | A mentorship program with Radical Magazine, to fundraise for the COVID19 crisis in India, providing a 40 minute consultation, review and ‘ask me anything’ to donating participants, to further their creative journeys.
2021 | Online masterclass for Istituto Marangoni on photographing and styling a remote shoot in a fulfilling way
2020 | Online lecture at Symbiosis Institute of Design speaking to students about Nurturing Their Creative Practice
2020 | Online guest lecture for NMIMS, Mumbai about my journey as a photographer and multidisciplinary artist, a deep dive into selected works and thought processes, tips on freelancing and routine-building
2016 | Series of three guest lectures at FAD International, Mumbai about building a digital presence in the creative space


Ghosts of Things | Imprint Volume 2, by G5A Foundation
Brown | Papeachu Review Volume 2, by Seattle based Papeachu Press
Ours or Theirs | Word of Mouth
We Breed Mediocrity | Soft Within Zine by Soft Within Gallery in Berlin