Let’s work together —

With a process rooted in empathy, imagination and purposefulness, Rhea is able to execute and scope out each project through cognisant dialogue with her clients. Every project is approached with an innate thoughtfulness, clarity, mindful execution and a long term vision. With her ten plus years of experience and practise across multiple disciplines, Rhea’s specialty is being able to understand the brief, the brand and the intention behind the work to provide her clients with creative solutions. As an advocate of conscious living and sustainability, she prioritises working with companies which follow these values.


Let’s create together.

Commission Rhea to create artworks for your upcoming events, spaces, exhibitions, galleries, magazines, both online and offline. Her work has been commissioned by Lakme Fashion Week, Bhaane, Indian Goods Company, Floating Canvas Co to name a few. Her art prints have sold online and at physical pop ups in New York and India. Her selected artworks are currently on display at the Raj Bhawan (Governor’s House) in Mumbai, while others lovingly inhabit her customers homes and studios. If you are a gallery, exhibition space or magazine with an interest in her body of work, do contact her with your enquiries. If you are a brand looking to do something creative, reach out with an idea or initial thoughts and let’s brainstorm together.


Let’s create campaigns, images and conversations which are memorable, meaningful and emotive.

Work with Rhea on a photography project to create imagery for your vinyl and book covers, fashion campaigns, travel editorials, still life product shoots, lookbooks, portraitures, interior design, stylised food or abstract concepts. Rhea enjoys the process of ideation to create work which is soulful, poetic and meaningful. Her work has been commissioned by CondeNast Traveler, Information et Inspiration, Architectural Digest, Eina Ahluwalia, Ballantines to name a few.

For most of her projects, along with photography, Rhea also takes on conceptualisation, production, casting, sourcing, styling and the complete execution of the project, allowing her Clients to entrust her with the entire process from idea to implementation. Her keen attention to detail alongside clear communication and meticulous planning regarding every aspect of the shoot makes it a seamless and enjoyable process to be a part of.

Rhea also lends her skills to causes and non-profit organisations. In this capacity, Rhea has volunteered with Smokeless Cookstove Foundation, a non-profit working to curb the problem of household air pollution in marginalised communities across India, providing them with images for their website and online campaigns. The work was featured in Docu Magazine’s Volume 1 Issue 4. Rhea’s campaign for the non-profit A Girl’s Place, an organisation which promotes women in sport, saw her photograph portraits of young female football players and narrate their stories, receiving appreciation from FIFA as well as VICE India.


Let’s figure out what inspires your brand and how your brand can inspire.

Rhea was appointed Creative Director of the online slow fashion e-commerce IKKIVI in December 2017 and has been working with the company ever since. Rhea’s role at IKKIVI was to rebrand the e-commerce store in stages, starting with the brand’s logo, social media presence and visual identity, further expanding to their website design, creative campaigns and brand voice. Rhea also works on the aspects of hiring and team building for the company, working closely and directing the creative team to imbibe the guidelines set for the brand. She oversees and creates guidelines for the brand’s print and online collaterals, responsible for ideating and expanding the brand presence with creative online and offline properties such an IKKIVI zine, an online slow fashion magazine and IKKIVI Dialogues, an offline event encouraging conversation; part pop-up, part panel discussion. The brand has been featured in Vogue India as one of their favourite e-commerce shops.

Rhea was also appointed Creative Director at the design-first online e-commerce 400 Things from July 2018 to April 2019 after having worked with them as a creative consultant since January 2018. Rhea was part of creatively building this unique platform from scratch with a distinctive visual style. It saw her being responsible for curating bi-monthly themes that would be showcased on its website, directing and creating a unique visual aesthetic and making creative decisions and strategies for the brand. She also built her creative team and directed them to ensure their work aligned with the voice, tone and aesthetics of the brand. The young brand has been appreciated for its vision by Vogue India and Design Milk.


Through immersive discussions and dialogue, let’s find your brand’s voice. 

Rhea enjoys developing a brand voice for her clients, putting together guidelines, writing their statements and communicating who they are, by understanding their needs and how they intend to present themselves. Hire Rhea to create a voice for your website, social media and other channels. In this capacity, Rhea has worked with Lacuna Lab, IKKIVI, 400 Things to name a few, to develop a voice along with writing content for their various properties to narrate their stories effectively and emotionally. Rhea also writes poetry and short fiction stories.


Let’s intentionally evaluate of your brand and strategies across touchpoints and bridge the gaps.

With a focus on creating brand value beyond the purpose of sales Rhea works with clients to help them be better storytellers and have them speak to their audience intelligently through their channels. Rhea also consults on rebranding and uplifting visual language, design, social media aesthetic, brand voice, to create cohesion across visuals, writing and interactions for every touch point of the client’s communication. Write to Rhea to enquire about creative consultancy services to present your story in an authentic, creative and consistent way.


Let’s align the vision for your brand thoughtfully across your online and offline presence.

Rhea works on projects in brand identity and website design and currently takes up work with selected clients within this space. You can also work with Rhea as a designer for your online and printed lookbooks and brand books, social media creatives, website design and other online and offline collaterals.


If you are working on a creative or artistic project that doesn’t fit any of the descriptions above, Rhea would be happy to hear you out and should things align, take you up on the challenge of trying something new. Please write to her on the same email address for speaking engagements, interviews, relevant press and features.


Rhea documents her work, thoughts and process on Instagram and mostly fangirls over anime on Twitter.