I am a creative director and multidisciplinary artist currently making a video game called Fishbowl. Book me as a photographer, visual artist, designer, creative consultant, writer or speaker, I’m only an email away.

I enjoy multimedia storytelling through impactful creative strategies—aligning clients with their mission and community. 

My body of work spans across digital art, photography, graphic design, videography and writing. I often combine these skills to produce work rooted in starting conversations around the need for sustainability in fashion, climate justice, social change and self growth. I develop and execute brand strategies and imagery with an emotional connection bespoke to each platform through creative partnerships and visual explorations.

I work with clients to envision and execute campaigns, aligning them with causes to deliver social impact, while celebrating storytelling and championing inclusivity. I volunteer with non profit and grassroots organisations to conceive digital strategies and visual storytelling towards benefiting underrepresented communities in India. I am invested in mentoring young people pursuing creative disciplines, through industry insight encouraging personal growth to inspire reimagination and to reject the notion of this is how things are.


I document my work, thoughts and process on Instagram and mostly fangirl over anime and art on Twitter. While you are here, subscribe to my newsletter!