The white rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, stylish-waistcoat-wearing, pocket-watch-carrying, marks the beginning of Alice’s adventure. Instead of being a typical children’s book character gleefully inviting the protagonist into a new world, the rabbit is busy, late and running out of time, almost too occupied to notice Alice.  

Artist Rhea Gupte sees a similarity with the white rabbit’s state of mind to our experience of time and how we often end up thinking about it. ‘Have We Become The White Rabbit?’ by Culture Decanted follows this thought in an article dissecting our relationship with time in the age we live in.

For this campaign, she created the opposite, a solitary, leisurely, anthropomorphic character, thriving in the stillness of time.



In the background of the isolation experienced over the past two years the campaign portrays a sense of quiet joy, self reflection and comfort, akin to the artist’s state of mind. The vivid blue skies and lush greens of post monsoon Goa paint the images with tranquility showcasing a bright and cozy winter collection, layered and warm.

Down the rabbit hole is often used as a metaphor for something that transports someone into a surreal state or confusing situation. Up the Rabbit Hole uses this metaphor to transport oneself into an emotional state of solitude, content and quietly confident, where time is a friend and companion to be enjoyed.