Time Preserved as Memory is a multidisciplinary exploration to preserve the nostalgia and wonder of visited places over a period of time, physically or in a dream state.

What do we remember when we think of places we have been to? Sounds, colours, textures, words, the temperature, the conversations, the feeling of wind or grass or dew, the heartbeats of waves, the abundance of sky, the narrow passage of time from evening into night, the first star twinkle. The places we love may not be the same, when visited again. With the world changing, water levels rising, every journey around the sun being hotter than the one before, we are left with fragments of what once was. The concept of visiting again may as well be a farce, as again does not mean the same, again does not mean time will wait. What can we save and how much can we recall? When we think of the past, of places, of time, do we think in 3D or 2D, in colour or sound, what does it mean to remember and how accurately do we preserve that which is precious. In reality, in memory, in our dreams.