For the Yavi Autumn Winter campaign 2020 designer Yadvi sent visual artist Rhea Gupte on a brainstorming spree with the words — inside Out, lines and geometry, set design, treasure hunt and mystery. Rhea’s thoughts led her to her childhood memories of reading Nancy Drew and every mystery novel written by Enid Blyton as well as hours spent in front of the computer with her mum and sister playing Mystery Case Files together. A peer proclaimed super sleuth at Cluedo, it was only natural for Rhea to dream up a campaign with invisible people shrouded in the midst of sinister happenings in their elusive family.

An anonymously written memoir of the invisible family leaks facts about the family riches and treasures. A day before the large family party, there is a mysterious phone call which tells the family about the missing jewels and a threat to their family treasure. As the party is underway, members of the family try to figure out who could be behind this, after realising that this has to be an inside job. As suspicions mount, a fury of accusations and assumptions ensue. 


YAVI — fashion campaign