Solaris is a series of artworks created for Nama Home. The work explores what makes objects and moments timeless, delving into the memories we associate with them and how they thrive in our minds years after having witnessed them. 

As colours, sounds, dreams. 



For Nama Home I created surreal landscapes featuring their products—Balena and Scuba—to live in. The visuals emphasize the brand’s minimalistic design, their ode to forms existing in nature and the beauty of symmetry.

The artworks are a visual fantasy to draw the viewer in. 

A space of boundless imagination and creation, as a realm within a creative mind. Lush neem and deep indigo, rooted in Indianness and childhood memories. A home to something precious. A place of wonder. Limitless and untethered. Eternal, as the sun.

Inhabiting memories beyond the evanescent. 

My practice is inspired by the idea of re-imagining a sustainable future where art, technology and design come together to use storytelling, creativity and kindness to create a renewed utopia of hope. Nama Home’s commitment to sustainability, centering their craftsmen and their focus on giving back aligns with those values making this series that much more meaningful.