Ongoing experiments with some left over poster colours and a few pieces of glass. These remind me of slides used in science laboratories.

I painted on the five pieces of glass I had, each measuring 5 x 5 inches, photographed them, washed the paint off and painted over them again. I repeated this process several times until I had photographs of hundreds of tiny paintings which I then digitally combined to form these tiled patterns.

In my everyday life I thrive on repetition, organisation and routines. I often try to bring these into my art practise by working on ongoing themes which need me to be disciplined and dedicated. I find the process of repetition meditative and calming. Add to that process, intuitively combining colour to create unique palettes, shapes and forms, that, to me, is the definition of play. The idea behind Slides was to have fun and to enjoy the childlike way of creation—the abandon with choosing colour, decision making and allowing the brush to paint fluidly, rhythmically and naturally—merged with the deliberative quality of participating in a structured ritual.