Ongoing mixed media self-portraiture series—Isolation— was conceived during the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020.

Isolation explores the meaning and feelings one attaches to being physically isolated through self portraiture. For everybody who feels the heaviness of being alone, like your walls are closing in, like you haven’t had real human contact since this began, for everybody who is going through this by themselves. I feel like we are all living in our personal fish bowl, trying our hardest to keep the fragile walls of our being from crumbling.

The experience we are going through can feel lonely, comforting, empowering, anxious, peaceful, unhealthy, constraining, unhappy, addictive, fearful, unpredictable, demotivating, calming, ordinary, resentful, depressing, hopeful, hopeless. For every feeling and every version of it, the work encourages the viewer to know that they are not alone.


based in ANKARA, TURKEY — may, 2020