december 2017 to november 2022

IKKIVI is an online shop selling sustainable fashion to offer its customers a mindful shopping experience of all things made consciously.

At IKKIVI Rhea is responsible for leading, building, reviewing and evolving the creative aspects of the brand including the brand’s position and visual design. Rhea organically grew the community twentyfold with a talented, small, agile team through rebranding, cross platform visual identity development, establishing design and communication guidelines and strategies, and expanding the brand’s
presence across social media.

With a commitment to inclusivity, Rhea implemented ongoing communication strategies with effective solutions and data research which resulted in over 50% of our roster of sustainable Indian designers agreeing to sign the company’s Size Inclusivity Pact offering sizes from 2XS to 5XL and also custom sizing for larger or smaller fits beyond this range.

Rhea’s idea behind rebranding IKKIVI was for the brand to tell stories as compelling as the brand’s ethos. In rebranding, developing and refining its brand identity, Rhea was responsible for the new logo design, font selection, website design, social media redesign, visual design, developing a voice and recreating the brand’s aesthetic through conceptualising and creating memorable campaign shoots. A process essential to creating cohesion across all of the brand’s media and visual touch points.

Through brainstorming sessions with IKKIVI’s founder, Rhea has successfully built several off-shoots to the IKKIVI brand from concept to final execution in order to increase brand awareness.

IKKIVI Zine was Rhea’s holistic creative strategy born out of the genuine need to tell stories and start a conversation. Rhea designed the website of the online magazine aligning it with the aesthetic guidelines created for IKKIVI and elevating them further into a refined, easy to navigate visual design. She also saw it through the development phase with creative agency grandworks, working closely with them on testing and optimising the website across various devices.

Rhea then crafted the editorial voice for IKKIVI zine, as an extension to the existing brand voice so both could inspire each other. She is involved in the hiring process for the zine and acts as editor for all the articles written. The zine has a long term aim of being a strong voice in the fashion, design, art and the creative industry bringing to the forefront voices which make a difference, resonate with the community and give people a new perspective to explore.

IKKIVI Dialogues
IKKIVI’s event property, IKKIVI Dialogues was also born from the common goal of starting and engaging in conversations. Rhea conceptualised and designed the identity for this property to be used across all online and offline media.

IKKIVI Vintage
IKKIVI Vintage was conceptualised with a goal to make ethical fashion accessible to the existing IKKIVI audience at more affordable price points.

With the onset of COVID-19, the IKKIVI Loves property was launched to encourage and highlight artists to the brand’s now thriving and active audience.

Rhea’s ability to provide clear creative direction and lead the creative team has helped create impactful, cohesive, strategic campaigns and collaterals for the brand.

Rhea’s ability to be a conceptual thinker and copywriter helped shape the voice of the brand. By lending her editorial voice and direction to review and improve the copies, content and essays written by the team, the brand’s personality was further developed and polished.

Rhea creates templates and visual design systems for all visual elements for IKKIVI to be followed by the creative team, including typography, layouts, imagery, packaging, iconography, banners, advertising for use on various online and offline platforms.

Being able to tell IKKIVI’s story and it’s strong ethos has always been at the forefront of Rhea’s work at the company. The creative strategies to grow IKKIVI are created with the intention of creating awareness about the fashion industry, making sustainable fashion accessible and to build an engaged and involved community.