Indoor pollution from the smoke of earthen cookstoves (called chulhas in Hindi) used for cooking and heating, is the primary cause of respiratory diseases in rural and poverty-stricken areas of India. I volunteered with an India based non profit organisation, Smokeless Cookstove Foundation, which conducts workshops to teach a technique of creating a costless, smokeless cookstove.

These new cookstoves are made with available resources drastically reducing the amount of smoke produced and also requiring much lesser firewood. At these workshops women and children were at the forefront, keen to learn and inquisitive to understand. I captured the activities and emotions at these workshops, conducted across three different villages over the period of a week. My images depict the process of learning and making the new cookstove, the determination and enthusiasm of the villagers, the spirit of the children participating, the moments of joy and lightness experienced by them and a glimpse into their lives in the days spent together during the workshops.