“As of 2017 only 0.93% of the world’s professional footballers were women. For any sphere of human enterprise to have less than 1% women is worrisome.”



VICE — interview and images

A Girl’s Place is an initiative aimed at creating equal opportunity for women in sport by the non profit ORB Movement. The platform believes in galvanising public participation through events and merchandise, all proceeds of which go towards creating better infrastructure for girls and women in sport. They are starting with Goa and the Forca Goa Foundation to affect change at the grassroots level for girls in football. For the initial phase of the campaign they will focus on aspects like providing football gear, nutrition, workshops related to the sport, sex education. Going forward they also want to focus on having female coaches, physiotherapists, improving representation of women across the game. Through this campaign, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph these young football players and also spend time with them. In our conversations I learned about their journey into football, how they got interested, what holds them back in terms of support, infrastructure, lack of opportunities and what inspires them to keep going.