july 2018 to april 2019

january 2018 to june 2018

400 THINGS is a global destination for design-first products that bridges the gap between things, people and experiences.

Rhea was involved in building 400 THINGS from concept to reality. With a skill set and knowledge that spans across visual design, art direction, copywriting, brand positioning and several other disciplines, Rhea was able to create a memorable personality for the brand. Rhea was responsible for creating aesthetic guidelines to maintain branding and visual consistency across all of its online and offline channels in accordance to the beautiful brand identity and logo developed by packof2. Rhea further explored the possibilities of the branding through photography, mixed media imagery, tactile collaterals and more.

The unique part of 400 THINGS was its concept of bi-monthly volumes which delivered to its audience and consumers a completely new selection of products handpicked on the basis of a theme. Rhea was responsible for researching and conceptualising these thematic volumes, using a process of creating aesthetic guidelines, writing and communicating the idea behind each volume, building a visual identity for every volume and helping out with the product curation. Rhea’s eye for colour, layouts, aesthetics and detail helped realise 400 Marshmallows, 400 Gardens, 400 Skins and 400 Treasures, the four volumes that were launched during her term at the company.

While the immersive website design for 400 THINGS was designed by an external agency, Rhea worked on ideating and designing feature sections to add on to the website as and when required during the duration of her contract, along with designing and directing the brand’s print collaterals.

Rhea’s distinctive visual style was realised in the 400 THINGS monthly volumes where she was hired as a photographer and stylist for the first two volumes, post which she would oversee a talented team as art director and stylist. Her work for 400 THINGS was galvanised by her desire to conceive unique visual landscapes for products which have special stories to tell. Image selection and art directing the imagery on every page of the website with meticulous attention to detail, were also a part of her role at the company.

From her ten plus years of experience in the fashion industry, Rhea was able to lend her expertise in production to ensure a seamless execution of all the shoots that the brand required to carry out. Casting for all shoots was also her job as creative director which she performed with a vision for inclusivity and diversity.

As a writer, Rhea was able to help out with copies and content for the brand alongside leading their in-house content writer with directions on brand voice, brand tone and critical feedback for improving and editing their work.

Rhea’s keen sense of brand development, digital marketing, the creative process, as well as new platforms and technologies for the digital channel, helped establish and grow the online identity of the brand across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Medium. The 400 Things Instagram page in particular received much love and positive feedback from the audience and industry experts alike.

At 400 THINGS Rhea was responsible to build, grow, inspire and mentor a small creative team, directing them to produce work to the best of their abilities while staying true to the brand’s creative vision. She was heavily involved in the hiring, interviewing and decision-making process for her creative team. She was able to lead the team by setting realistic goals, schedules, effective plans and by setting up open channels of communication with them.

Rhea’s strong ability to prioritise work and resources (timelines, budgets, and availabilities) across short and long-term projects helped shape the brand and have it meet it’s creative and visual objectives. Through her work at 400 THINGS, Rhea was able to put together her passion for ideas, story-telling and visual experiences by building a brand that is more than.