kids, lake, goa
sky, clouds
dog, golden retriever,
lake, porvorim, goa
kids, lake, goa
lake, goa, family

Project Brief

Photographing people


Personal Project


The other side of Goa


Photography by Rhea Gupte


Porvorim, Goa, India

You make me a poem
For you seem to take the time,
To correctly pause in your steps,
And savour every rhyme.

When the wind rustles across your back,
Over the expanse of green.
When ripples form on a stomach that’s
Abundant as it seems.
When laughter fills those cheeks again
Like music to my ears.
When warm embraces from your gaze,
Well me up with tears.

You make me a poem
For you seem to know the way,
Even with the lack of words,
You know what to say.

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