Project Brief

Test Shoot


Personal Project


A nature-loving wanderer caught unaware


Photography by Sushant Panchal
Styling and Modelling by Rhea Gupte
Hair and Makeup by Shruti Iyer

FUSS is a little creative realm I hold dearest to heart, where I collaborate with various talents to spin up stories and concepts. I wanted the website to be more than just a blog but a way of expression in the form of images, modelling, photography, styling, writing and also little pet projects which are coming up real soon. Every few months I use my time to think of exciting features I can come up with, interesting projects I can be a part of and activities that can bring diversity to my work while keeping me busy.ย On my trip to Mumbai last week, I had planned out many such collaborations to keep me on my toes every single day. From fun events to photo shoots, it was one work intensive week which left me incredibly satisfied with the final results.

The Woodland Nymph was a little story I worked on with a very talented photographer, Sushant to portray the innocence of a girl in her own world, unaware of who is watching her. The character is a wanderer and a loner who finds solace when she is closest to Mother Nature. To make her more relatable to the modern woman, I steered clear of massive gowns and maxi dresses, which seem like the most likely way of styling such a concept. Instead, making the little nymph accessible to a girl like you and me by swathing her in casual denims, little white dresses, floral sweatshirts and chic blazers. Happy to have had a fabulous team to work with, to bring to life this fantasy character just the way she was envisioned.

โ€“ Rhea

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        1. It was cloudy, so the light went perfectly with the mood of the shoot. ๐Ÿ™‚ These pictures were shot in Mumbai during my week long trip recently.

  1. This is by far one of my favourite shoots! You look gorgeous and these shots are amazing!
    Kudos to the team who worked on this!