travel, photography, rhea gupte, collage, aesthetic, simple

travel, photography, rhea gupte, collage, aesthetic, simple

Project Brief

Travel Photography


Personal Project


Photography by Rhea Gupte


Devarahubballi, Dharwad, India

There is something calming about travel photography. The leisure attached to the creation of images and the lack of pressure to perform in a studio setting, often allows for the liberty to breathe between shots and really take in the surroundings. There was a time when the expectation to capture fleeting moments bore heavily on me, and to some degree, it may still stand true; but I have learned to let go of what could not be seized. A woman passing across a road in the perfect backlight or a bicycle zooming past with a load of sugarcane, the ‘uncreated’ picture ironically stays in the mind a while longer than something which dedicatedly had an entire evening spent carefully adjusting the contrast and colours on.

Maybe such is the tendency of the human mind, to always push to achieve more.

Maybe I am simply greedy when it comes to capturing pictures.

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