L'officiel india, rhea gupte, fashion photography, the girl from FUSS, fashion editorial, slow shutter, black lipstick, gucci, topshop, anarae, chicory chai
L'officiel india, rhea gupte, fashion photography, the girl from FUSS, fashion editorial, slow shutter, black lipstick, swarovski, huemn, gucci, leather jacket
L'officiel india, rhea gupte, fashion photography, the girl from FUSS, fashion editorial, slow shutter, black lipstick, huemn, bob, edgy, sheer black, floral

Project Brief

Print Editorial


L’Officiel India


Showcasing alternate ways of wearing conventional accessories and experimenting with long exposure.


Creative Direction, Photography, Styling, Modelling by Rhea Gupte

Styling Credits

Look 1 Chicory Chai Necklace worn as headpiece | Gucci dress and cape | Chicory Chai Rings
Look 2 Chicory Chai Ring worn as septum cuff | Anarae gold bib necklace, silver choker and suede neckpiece | Anarae silver cuff and gold ring | DVIBhumi silver Ring | Topshop at jabong.com dress and skirt
Look 3 Anarae leather bracelet worn as anklet | Chicory chai metal bracelets worn as anklets | Gucci pumps | HUEMN shirt
Look 4 Swarovski bracelet worn as choker | Lai earrings | Swarovski watch and bracelet | Topshop at jabong.com jacket | ASOS leggings | DIY silk neck tie | DVIBHUMI ring
Look 5 Outhouse earrings worn as brooches | Malvika Vaswani metal belt | Chicory Chai Bracelets | SpringBreak sheer top and suede skirt | FrontRowShop bustier
Look 6 DVIBHUMI bracelet worn as ear cuff | HUEMN shirt | Outhouse ring | Malvika Vaswani ring

The idea of fashion is oft that of inherited familial wealth which allows one a naturally inherited front row seat at the Dior Couture show, so to say, thanks to generations of related consumers, going all the way back to the great-grandmother who probably tied the knot in said custom-tailored designer wear. Or, on the other hand if one has risen up the ranks of the fashion hierarchy, thanks to the popularly televised sloggers of coffee runs they sprinted through as an intern, only to rise up the ranks to an assistant-something-position over time. Such was the state of fashion years ago and it is laughable to think that certain TV shows are still trying to milk this story-line with their unimaginative re-iterations of The Devil Wears Prada, years later, which can’t be much farther away from the current situation and reality.

Although the ‘I am rich’ card may still get one to a certain point in their career, the importance of a tight portfolio, sick resume and sharp work experience and ethic has never been more important. Trust me, unless you are one of those typical ‘bloggers’ selling influence over the interwebs, no logical potential employer wants to see your Instagram handle or number of followers, especially if the account is full of selfies and no real work to fall back on. I have done my fair share of internships and never was I asked to bring coffee. Lug heavy bags, work overtime, trick traffic and be willing to take up odd jobs, yes, ma’am! All of which I did happily, as keen observation can help one learn in any given situation. That said, certain global changes in the industry have been brought about by the so-called rise of the blogger community, most of the whom don’t really fit the title, but resonate as creative directors or content creators at a different level. The doors have opened and the party is for everybody to see. Apparently, we can sit with them.

Brings me to the much spoken about topic of the democratisation of fashion, a buzzword, if I may, to largely describe everything that’s going on in this industry. Yeezy opens up the show to thousands while Chanel diplomatically seats every single person in the front row. Gucci goes against the grain by announcing to merge their men’s and women’s show while Burberry promises to sell as soon as the show ends, instead of the usual six month wait. Rules have been broken and some have clearly emerged as fore-runners. But does this really mean that being given the ability to buy now, really allows a consumer to buy now? The average consumer can still only afford a Gucci bag in their dreams and the inspiration they tout as the influencer who wore it to the show, often enough, has it offered to her for free.

However, the debate about luxury and exclusivity aside, fashion does emerge as a democratised medium for the masses when they feel like they belong, when it’s relatable and when they have the opportunity to express themselves the way they want. When fashion isn’t governed by magazines or designers or influencers as the almighty authority, instead bringing about a wave of acceptance to diversity, individualism and ideas. Self-interpretation and experimentation quickly become key words for such an environment to flourish. Conventional may or may not remain, but the unconventional sure is given a stamp of approval, or a lack of it, as stamps and approval both became redundant in this new age.

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  1. I think what you shared is spot on! I feel that fashion houses have already marked their claim on what they are good at (i.e. Chanel with their tweed suits) and to stay ahead of the game they need/want to tickle the toes of the consumer: including the excluded. In just under 2 years (2 YEARS!) brands are now engaging on social media and including even non-influencers on their feed who have styled their clothes. Now that globalization is a not-so-new concept, the world seems smaller and fashion houses don’t just come from Western Europe. Fashion has become a statement, a way of depicting ones story and individualism-as you put so beautifully.

    These shots are gorgeous and I’m such a fan of your work. We started following each other on Facebook a billion years ago and I FINALLY got around to checking out your work. I gradually moving towards doing editorialized blog posts in fashion and lifestyle and am glad I can come to you for inspiration (and not a magainze 😉 ).

    1. Hello Supal! Absolutely. So glad you could drop by. I love the work of several magazines though, and this shoot is actually in L’Officiel magazine’s print issue. 🙂

  2. congratulations and what a terrific write up. You are seriously very talented in what you do. Yes content blogging is hard if it is fashion or something else, but that what brings credibility.