kutch, mandvi beach, sky, sunrise, clouds, colors, inspiration, photography, rhea gupte, camel, gujarat, india
kutch, mandvi beach, sky, sunrise, clouds, colors, inspiration, photography, rhea gupte, camel, gujarat, india
kutch, mandvi beach, sky, sunrise, clouds, colors, inspiration, photography, rhea gupte, camel, gujarat, india


Personal Project


Capturing the beauty of Mandvi at sunset


Photography by Rhea Gupte


Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat

Since it’s inception, I spent a lot of time thinking about what FUSS would be. Predominantly and most importantly, I wanted it to be a creative space for myself to express my thoughts and ideas and also a space to showcase my skill-sets, projects and developing talents. FUSS was never about building an audience or having a number of hits or optimising search engine results. It was a website for me, in the public space. People could choose to look at the work if they felt inspired or so inclined towards what I did. I was never interested in making money off of FUSS, but instead using FUSS as a pathway to making money, a living and exploring my aptitude.

It has been four years, since starting FUSS, a birthday last month I did not acknowledge, partly due to everything that was happening in my life and partly due the fact that I was unhappy with how I have gone about certain decisions I have made with the website. Being a platform, there are opportunities which come your way and as an inquisitive mind, it is correct to explore the opportunities. It is only then that one realises whether that particular project was for them or not. Whether they were able to derive happiness from it or were they left with a sour taste. I have similarly taken up certain projects as they came up, being new and interesting opportunities to me. Many a times projects which didn’t demand a creative angle, but I made sure to give it my creative best. However, I feel like I have taken several incorrect turns in my journey towards discovering what I am truly passionate about and where my skill set lies.

As a person who has a blog, there are a set of expectations which require to be satisfied from both onlookers and clients. They expect you to promote, to consume and to advice. But what happens when the act of promoting is something which makes you feel sick to your stomach, or that you personally barely ever shop and mass consumerism gives you the heebi-jeebis, or when, even the thought of asking somebody to match their belt to their shoes seems like the most redundant piece of advice to transpire? With some self-reflection I have come to the understanding of not being passionate about any of these things. All I care about is creating, pushing my abilities in order to do so and talking about things which genuinely matter.

And I care about the space I created in order to express myself through it, a showcase of my portfolio, my work, my practise and my progress.

What people don’t realise is that a blog is not limited to being an advertising platform. It can be anything the blogger wishes for it to be. And what you make it, is what clients will come to you for. Most importantly, it is a platform to showcase what one can do and what abilities one possesses.

I never want FUSS, and all my social media platforms by extension, to turn into advertising platforms to ‘influence’ my readers to buy, crave or want. Every post on the website and my channels is either a commissioned project for the brand wherein I have been asked to work with them in a creative capacity in order to create unique content for them and their websites and channels, or a self-funded project to push myself creatively. All commissioned posts added to FUSS are only in the capacity of work done by me for my clients and not created for FUSS to influence my readers with what they should buy, how they should dress and where they should catch brunch the next time they are in a particular city. I may speak about said topics from time to time, but you can trust me when I say that the words come from my mind and not from a client, company or brand paying me to speak about them.

Although never fascinated by numbers, I give a lot of importance to who is reading and looking at FUSS. I hope it is a group of people who wish to— start conversations, aim for the stars and keep getting better at whatever it is that they do. My reader’s genuine opinion and feedback is important for me to grow. I always want to have an ethical and transparent relationship with them. Early last year I started a No Gifts policy on FUSS and since then, haven’t housed or published a single ‘gifted’ item. Except for a few posts which were pre-commissioned projects, my social media has been clean of any promotional activity and will continue to be so. Any brands mentioned are projects I worked on for the brand as a model, stylist, photographer or creative director, for which I have gotten paid my share as a freelancer for the ability I bring to the project. Never as a blogger to sell my prowess of social media as a skill. I do not believe it is. FUSS will never make money off-of one dimensional promotional activities and will always be my space, my portfolio and my creative escape.

So wishing FUSS a very belated happy birthday with a promise that there will be no more wrong turns henceforth.

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  1. A happy belated birthday to FUSS.
    It is amazing how Divine timing works because some of the things you’ve touched upon are things that I have been thinking and feeling deeply. The idea of personal growth in one”s pursuit of creative expression. Or the idea of mass consumerism with which we are bombarded daily, it is truly weary. It is always good to know that we are not alone. Thank you for being brave enough to share this, it is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Neema, you are most welcome! It is heartening to know that I am not alone as well. So happy this resonated with you!

  2. “What people don’t realise is that a blog is not limited to being an advertising platform. It can be anything the blogger wishes for it to be.” So true, the focus needs to change from pleasing and serving others to focusing on ourselves.
    Love this piece and your honesty. Happy belated birthday to FUSS
    Melissa xx

  3. Hi Rhea, I have been following your work for quite some time and it’s amazing how you inspire me each time with your new post. You are a complete package -Stylist, Creative Director, Model, Photographer and you write so well! You have taken this blog to a different level altogether so congratulations for being who you are and evolving into this beautiful lady.

  4. As a 17 yr old aspiring fashion designer who delights in all forms of creative expression, fuss is like a treasure trove. I especially enjoy the write ups that accompany your work, it opens up so many more doors for contemplation. The vision that fuss embodies is special and beautifully stands out from what fashion blogging is generally associated with.
    Looking forward to many more years with fuss

    1. Hello Aditi, thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comment. It is so special to read something so wonderful.

  5. Congratulations Rhea!!!

    Fuss is one website that always motivates me to do better and to work harder. It doesn’t feel like the normal blogs where everybody is promoting the same product. You always inspirer me to do better. You always have a story to tell and every story is different. It’s always been quality content and always consistent and it’s not easy but you work really hard and it comes across in your posts. I wish you the very best in everything you do.

    1. Hello Roma, thank you, your kind words are humbling and motivating. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

  6. I have come across you blog today and I couldn’t stop myself from reading more and more posts from you. Your writing, concepts, styling, photography, in short, everything about this blog is amazing. Loved It. Keep up the great work and good luck to you for your future. Love.