flat lay, accessories, musicians, jewellery, gladiolas
flat lay, accessories, musicians, jewellery, sushi, swarovski, piano, black and white tiles
flat lay, accessories, musicians, jewellery, orange soda, addidas
flat lay, accessories, musicians, jewellery, tommy hilfiger jacket, outhouse, david bowie
flat lay, accessories, musicians, jewellery, black flowers
flat lay, accessories, musicians, jewellery, gladiolas, red heels, roses, gold earrings, red

Project Brief

Print Editorial showcasing jewellery and accessories inspired by the personality of iconic musicians


L’Officiel India


Creative flatlays, styling and sourcing to embody the personalities of the musicians.


Photography, Styling, Art Direction by Rhea Gupte

Styling Credits

Image 1 CaratLane Rings
Image 2 Swarovski Bracelets and Necklace | CaratLane Rings | Tresmode Pumps
Image 3 Chicory Chai Necklace | Adidas Originals Shoes
Image 4 OutHouse Earring and Necklaces | Tommy Hilfiger Jacket
Image 5 CaratLane Rings | OutHouse Fingerless Gloves
Image 6 OutHouse Statement Bracelet | CaratLane Gold Bangles | Dhora Bull Motif Earrings | Swarovski Glitter Earrings | Chicory Chai Dotted Earrings | Ra Abta Earrings with Floral Motif | Ra Abta Statement Earrings | L’Oreal Paris Lip Color | Tresmode Pumps

Often times, one comes across visuals, sounds and words which seem to connect with something indescribable within. A fragrance, a favourite quote, a melody from years past… It is intriguing how a particular smell can take you back in time to an incident, a moment, an experience. I still remember a distinct one which sums up my trip to London as a fourteen something year old. It has the effect of stopping me in my tracks while a flood of flashbacks begin pounding from every side. Quotes from Alice in Wonderland which still give me goosebumps, while any part of the Amelie soundtrack can have me romanticise an imaginative day in Paris filled with coffee-shop-bars and little gnomes. Clearly songs have that effect too. Remember a particular one you might have been only too obsessed with, which now sums up an entire teenage phase? Avril Lavigne. Skateboards. Black eyeshadow. Enough said.

Although, I still struggle to have a bare-eyed day, the point I am trying to make, is that, the development of our taste, choices and aesthetic are based on so much of what has happened in our life, what we’ve experienced and what we ended up consuming through the years. Even a simple decision may easily be a subconscious reference to a fangirl moment from the past, and nobody is immune.

Music and musicians have personally been an integral part to building my aesthetic. So when asked to create an editorial story based on the likes and style choices of five legends, my stomach did a little flip as my brain raced to Wikipedia and subsequent dark corners of the internet where die-hard communities of relentless fans still live on, lamenting and rejoicing in equal measure. Though, it brought multiple afternoons of warm stories, random theories and funny quirks, my notebook quickly filled up with more than I could source and at times even find. Hurdles aside, I will forever revel in having ploughed through since it brings with it the joy of owning my little book of scribbled gems including how much Shakur loved his orange soda, while Houston had a thing for sushi. Legends, in some ways, are just like you and me.

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