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Project Brief

Test Shoot


Personal Project


Following the journey of a girl returning to her hometown after being away for several years. The imagery graduates to how the newfound inspiration in her home acts as a transformative force to change her from the inside and out.


Modelling and Styling by Rhea Gupte
DOP, Photography and Editing by Uma Damle
Production by Rahul Suresh

A film we created here.

Hiraeth: (n.) A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past

This is the journey of a girl returning home.

Home. A simple four letter word strong enough to invoke irrevocable feelings of longing, remembrance, comfort, laughter. Feelings of love, of joy, of belonging… the memories. The endless bundle of memories, forever lingering, never forgotten. A part of who she is. A pathway to where she came from. A place to always go back to. A solace.

A solace which may however, not exist. A solace which she finds only under the endless folds of her thoughts and imagination. A solace which can only be reached in the sanctity of her mind when her body lies inactive for several hours and her eyes are shut ever so peacefully. A solace of her dreams.

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  1. Loved each and very photo !!!! especially the saree look !! its perfection !! cant get enough of the video it should have been longer!!! But amaaaaazzzzingggg work all together!!! so proud of you!!!

  2. cnt gt enough of ur pics…luved d individuality u bring to d post…its mre den a fashion blog…u hv surpassed d standards of regular fashion blog..shot r luvly..script is beautiful..story is amazing..8in 4 mny mre to cm..

  3. This is an outstanding set. I love the variety of outfits and settings. You live in a wonderful country. My favourite pictures are of you in the cerise sari and the final one at the railway station. However they are all magical.

  4. love the simplicity n class you bring to Sari… i can feel that “longing for home” emotion in this post of urs. love Uma’s photo style.. she’s brilliant with capturing lights. #simple #classic #nostalgic… simply wow Rhea..

  5. Wow! That was an amazing post. Everything from the video, the photos and each outfit and piece of accessory! I especially loved the video and the way you narrated it!

  6. This one is my favorite. I can actually go through it again and again. The words and the photos, they’re just so real! BEAUTIFUL.

  7. Ahh I love your blog!! it feels so earthy and raw yet so fashionable glad u love Kerala ( kind of proud moment when your favorite blogger visits your state ^.^ )

    1. Hi Gowri! Thank you so much for the love. I am so happy you are liking my work. I absolutely loved Kerala and can’t wait to visit again to explore it some more. 🙂