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Project Brief

Test Shoot while in design college


Personal Project


Delicate flowers serve as inspiration for mood, styling, poses and treatment


Photography by Uma Damle
Modelling & Styling by Rhea Gupte

She is a flower child. She is in love. Her eyes can show you her world and show you nothing. She dances in the tempest. Uninhibited. Unrestrained. She is a materialist in a materialistic world. Her desires lead her to consume and own. Unable to let go. But she won’t stop there. She is a lover of all things beautiful. She loves with all her heart. Her love is like laughter. Gentle, child – like. Innocent, effortless. Uninhibited. Unrestrained.

With a dream of passing all her belongings to somebody she loves someday. To another place where they would be loved. Because suddenly they aren’t objects anymore. They have seen her cry and laugh and fall. They have seen her love. Seen her dance with her hair down, her eyes shut, her limbs moving along graceful lines. Forming the most elegant shapes. Fluent, smooth, uncomplicated. Almost as if they know her as she knows them.

She is a hoarder. A hoarder of beautiful things. A materialist in a materialistic world. And she does it with love in her eyes and a smile in her heart. A flower child.

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