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Personal Project


Experiments with minimalism


Photography by Jane D’Souza
Editing, Creative Direction and Styling by Rhea Gupte

I toy with minimalism once in a while. The power of clean lines, of ‘just’ the right amount of clothing on an equally formidable personality can be intimidating. This may be one of the most scary cult of trends, moulding the minds of onlookers with it’s simplicity while calmly striking a powerful aura. I chose to stay away from it for as long as I possibly could, adding layers, volume and accessories whenever possible. Something about this trend however, makes me believe it is the future. I might entirely be wrong. It is simply a fleeting feeling.

Though I haven’t shunned layers, volume and accessories, not anytime soon, I look forward to dwelling in the comfort of doing a look right by ‘just’ the right amount of pieces. Not as a religion but as an experiment, as I welcome sleek skirts, plain jackets, long coats and stoic shirts into my wardrobe, I feel a bit of a change coming on. If only in small measures.

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